"I'm dedicating my life to this business."~

All Florida Seafood was born in 2011 when I was a worker of the powerful Miami International Transit (MIT), company located for more than 25 years in Miami-Dade, Florida. There I got a lot of knowledge about how to work with large accounts of fish and shellfish, and operate all kinds of machinery used in those activities. After working for more than 4 years with MIT, I was hired by the company ADS Seafood, also based in Miami-Dade, Florida; Company established for more than 19 years. Based on my experience, I held several important positions such as Receiver, Dispatcher, Cutter, Product Quality Controller and Forklift Operator. After being hired for more than 8 months I received a very good job offer from a new company called Cosmos Fish, of which I was founder and held the position of General Manager and Sales Executive. Then my dream to become independent was born. Nine months later, I made the decision to resign, with the sole purpose of dedicating all my efforts to building my own business, which I would baptize with the name of All Florida Seafood, Inc.

With the help of God, my wife and family, I am making All Florida Seafood a serious business, with the clear objective of seeing it grow to the top where the largest seafood companies in the United States are. I and my team are giving our best to satisfy our clients and provide them with a high-quality service, as they deserve.

Thanks for trusting us.

Alexander Calzada 

Founder & President of All Florida Seafood, Inc.

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